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Nutrition & Health Coaching 

We use Precision Nutrition's ProCoach software to provide the best nutrition and lifestyle coaching experience possible. Through a web-based platform that's accessible on any device, we utilize the best available science and research in nutrition while offering a superior coaching service. We offer Standard and Premium memberships to provide a nutrition coaching experience that best suites your needs. Designed as a year long program, we ask for at least a three month commitment to ensure you're on the path to making long-term lasting results. Discounts apply for annual memberships and personal training clients.

Standard Membership:

Best suited for someone who needs assistance in getting their health on track and is relatively new to consistently following a nutrition or lifestyle program.


Standard memberships include the following services:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessments

  • Personal health and nutrition report

  • Progress tracking tools (photos and measurements)

  • Daily lessons to keep you on track

  • Progress review every week

  • New habits delivered every two weeks

  • Monthly workshops

  • Online resources to keep you motivated

Premium Membership:

Best suited for someone who has specific goals, is willing to use food logs and/or track macronutrients, or who wants a more intensive coaching experience. 

Premium memberships include the following services:

  • Everything in the Standard Membership, plus

  • Diet analysis and support through MyFitness Pal

  • Personalized macronutrient breakdown and daily caloric needs updated monthly

  • Additional coaching support

Nutrition Assessment

(Three follow up sessions recommended)

  • Initial consultation

  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessments

  • Personal health and nutrition report

  • Identify problematic habit-based behaviors

  • Health and nutrition recommendations

Diet Analysis

  • Analysis of food choices, macronutrients, stress levels, training, and supplements

  • Requires a food, training, and stress log for one week 

  • Detailed report and recommendations to help you achieve your goals

​Nutrition Assessment or Diet Analysis Follow Up

  • Follow up to Nutrition Assessment or Diet Analysis

  • Identify and discuss challenges and successes since previous appointment

  • Address habit-based behaviors that may be limiting progress​​​

Online Coaching
Nutrition Assessment
Diet Analysis
Kitchen Assessment
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