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"When Leigh Ann first coached me, it was in group fitness classes. She was upbeat, perceptive, knowledgeable, and encouraging, just like you’d hope for in any coach. Even in that crowded setting, she quickly got to know my capabilities better than I did. It became a bit of a routine for me to look up in between rounds of a long workout to see that, with a smile on her face, she was making my bar heavier. It was daunting, but every single time I had to admit that, yeah, that was the right weight.


A few months ago, I started feeling frustrated in the gym. I was plateauing physically and that was taking out a lot of the enjoyment I got from the process. Leigh Ann went on a walk with me, asked some questions, listened, and proposed one month of individual programming to try something new. Right off the bat, I knew it was what I needed. It made me deeply and pervasively sore all over the place, but it was fun and challenging. I’ve kept with it and I’ve been looking forward to my workouts ever since.


In addition to an enjoyable experience in the gym, the results have been just outstanding. I’ve found myself doing several of my old one rep maxes for three or four slow tempo reps. My wife and friends give me a hard time about my clothes not fitting right any more (this is the first time anyone has used the word “swole” for me). Best of all, I’ve learned a lot more about what I’m actually capable of.

For anyone thinking of working with Leigh Ann, I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re open about your goals and honest about what you can commit to, she can build a great program for you. It will be clear and detailed and, sometimes, a little sneaky. If you follow the plan steadily and give her solid feedback, you’ll see clear results. Just don’t be too worried when she cranks things up on you a bit – she knows what she’s doing."

- JD Guillot, Personalized Training Plan Client, January 2017

"Leigh Ann is the fourth trainer I have worked with she has really helped me to focus my passion and energy. She is a personal source of inspiration for me as a woman. My utter respect for all that she is and has achieved personally helps drive me in the gym because I want to impress her.

As a formerly obese person who dropped 90 pounds, I had become somewhat addicted to weight loss and seeing the number on the scale going down was my main measure of success. Leigh Ann helped me to stop living in the shadow of the obese person I used to be and counseled me to stop losing weight, which was getting in the way of my strength goals. (I am now a normal, healthy weight and there really was no reason for me to still be losing weight). She has also been very supportive and has helped me to no longer feel like an impostor in the world of fitness.

I will admit her training style scared me a bit at first, but through being pushed that way I learned I was capable of so much more than I had previously realized. The programs she set up for me have been highly effective and I have been really impressed with how much progress I have seen in a relatively short time, (for example my one rep max for deadlift went up 28 pounds in 3 months.) My arms also have noticeably increased in muscle tone since I started working with her, (much to my delight.) When I achieve a new goal, her excitement is genuine and palpable. I truly feel she shares in my joy at my successes. She also understands in a way no other trainer I have worked with has, how to harness my raw energy and passion and how to direct it. If you listen to Leigh Ann and give her truthful input about your goals, you will see results. Her programs are well organized, challenging, and never dull. Out of the trainers I have worked with, she is the best at identifying my limits, pushing me right up to them, and pulling me back before I go over them."

- Shannon Riley, Personal Training Client, January 2017

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